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New Journey

With one son successfully off and just finished his freshman season at Virginia Tech, the family is about to embark on our second journey into the recruiting world. My son Max, who wrapped up his Junior season a few months ago wants to pursue possible opportunities to play college football.

Max was late to football. Started playing his freshman year. Was injured his sophomore year so playing time was limited but played varsity his junior year. Developed a passion for football and is ready to see what what's out there for him. As I discussed earlier, we began with creating a plan for the off season and will be working on a plan for summer camps over the next few months.

This will be a different experience than with Jacob. Max brings different attributes to the table. Different skill set and different measurables. Going to be interesting to see where we land.

For Max, the off-season started a couple weeks after his Junior season ended. He began wrestling to help improve his skills at football and has been hitting the weight room. For me, it's about to begin.

Our journey together begins this weekend. Stay tuned.......

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