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One of the great things in recruiting these days is the ability to easily create highlight reels. Gone are the days of having to make a VHS copy of the game tape and drop it in the mailbox to college coaches. These days, the game tape can be immediately uploaded and someone can literally make a highlight reel in minutes. Most schools have access to Hudl and if not, various other forms of editing software could be used.

Along with being rather simple to create, the highlights are also simple to share through email or social media (especially Twitter). Sending to a college coach is very simple. The downside to that is coaches are inundated with film. They literally receive hundreds if not thousands of highlight reels to watch which makes getting their attention even more difficult, especially if you are looking for exposure. In order to get their attention, there are a few simple rules to follow. But keep in mind, if you don't have the skills or measurables they desire your film may not matter. Be realistic in where you send the film.

1. Keep your film short. 3 to 5 minutes should do the trick.

2. Put your best highlights first so you can grab their attention. You want to keep them watching.

3. Edit each clip so it starts right when the play starts and ends

as soon as your portion of the play is over. For example, if you are a lineman and you made a great block no reason to continue showing the running back going 80 years for a TD.

4. Highlight the player BEFORE the play starts. Don't interrupt the play.

5. If you play multiple positions, show your versatility.

6. Consider your position when creating the highlight. What do you think a coach would want to see? If you are QB, show plays where you make various type throws or if you are dual threat include both running and throwing. Show a few long TD passed but also show shorter, tougher passes. Doesn't always have to be a TD. If you a LB, show plays where you stopped the run as well as the pass.

7. Music - no need to add this to the reel you send coaches. Most coaches that I met said they have it on mute anyhow.

When sending your film, remember to send a quick message to the coach stating your name, school, location, graduating class and contact info. Pay attention to your grammar as this should be considered the equivalent to a job interview. A resume so to speak. Should you receive a response from a coach at any level, be considerate and respond as soon as possible. Always keep in mind, there are plenty of other players out their trying to get a spot. Set your self apart from the a good way.

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